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  • Please make sure each file is labeled according to this format:
    (i.e. 845_Friday_Smith_Retinal Imaging1.pptx)


  • Multiple files may be uploaded at one time but must be labeled according to the above format to ensure the proper files are ready at the proper time.

  • Please make appropriate arrangements to turn in any updated versions of your presentation in accordance with the delivery options set forth in these guidelines. We preload and pretest your presentations as well as any updated versions, especially in the case of videos. This is essential in order to minimize production difficulties and optimize presentation and discussion time. Further, we ask that all presenters adhere to the allocated timeline for each presentation and anticipate the inclusion of discussion time for each topic.

  • If necessary, we may alter the presentation to ensure its successful delivery. We will not change the content itself without the presenter’s knowledge and permission.

  • Last-minute attempts to submit or change your presentation not only jeopardizes the successful delivery of your presentation, but also impacts the delivery of the entire program. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

By uploading a presentation, I hereby consent and authorize being photographed, videotaped, and/or audio-recorded by the International Retinal Imaging Society, its employees or designees and I hereby grant to the International Retinal Imaging Society the royalty-free, exclusive, perpetual right to use (and to license to others to use) my name, voice, image and likeness in any media whatsoever, for any reason or purpose as it/they/he/she shall deem to be a benefit to the medical profession or the public at large for the Atlantic Coast Retina Club and Macula 2024 meeting and the International Retinal Imaging Society. Through this consent form, I hereby release and discharge the International Retinal Imaging Society from any and all claims related to the use of such images including, but not limited to, invasion of privacy, libel and copyright infringement. Furthermore, I attest that any images included in my presentation are in the public domain, or I have otherwise obtained permission to use.

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